Question: How far away is the Airport from Gosier, Sainte Anne, de Deshaies or Basse Terre ?

Answer: If the traffic is clear :  panerai replica watches

Gosier : 15 minutes
Sainte Anne : 20 minutes
de Deshaies : 45 minutes
Basse Terre : 1 hour.

Question: How much cost the way from the airport to Sainte Anne by Taxi?

Answer: Prices range from €35-55 if traffic is clear.

Question: What can I do if I lost my luggage at the airport?

Answer: If you have lost your luggages at the airport when you arrive, do not lost your day to wait to them. Go at the desk : lost & found to give your name, your address, your telephone apartment number and do not forget the receip that you made. Do not forget to give also our phone number. The next day you will have back your luggages in your apartment.

Question: How long do I need to check in before my fly is due to depart at the airport?

Answer: It is advised to check in as early as possible.

• Long-haul flights: 2 hours prior to departure.
• Short and medium-haul flights: 40 minutes prior to departure.
Check the instructions on your airline ticket and from your travel.


Question: is the weather beautiful in September, during the rainy season?

Answer: the said period of rains or cyclonic is very variable, it can make very beautiful, according to the weather report of storms and cyclones which can found in the ocean..


Question: How many scheduled daily reguly flights has got Paris Airport?

Answer: There is approximately 3, 4 a day according to the high and the low season, and the periods of holidays.


Question: what do I have to bring against mosquitoes?

Answer: a cream or a spray " anti-mosquito, you will find on-the-spot also all that you need.

Question: may I drink the tap water in Guadeloupe or in the Caribbean?

Answer: it is necessary to inquire, the water is drinkable generally in all the municipalities.


Question: How well equipped are the apartments or the villas ?

Answer: Internet/Wifi, microwave, stove top,refrigerator/freezer, coffee maker, kettle, dishes and all the necessary for the kitchen, clothes washer/dryer and an iron. Naturally there is an assortment of pots and pans, as well as kitchen utensils.

Question: Are linens provided?

Answer: Yes, sheets, pillowcases as well as sufficient blankets and duvets.


Question: have you the air conditioning in apartments or villas?

Answer: generally, yes, all the bedrooms of apartments and villas are air-conditioned.

Question: Are towels provided?

Answer: Yes, all bathrooms come with sufficient towels for the number of people staying in the apartment.

Question: Do Museums and monuments open every day ?

Answer: Most of the museums, exhibitions, distilleries are opened from 9 hours or 10 hours and close between 5 pm and 6 pm. You can also inquire to the tourist information office, for more detail.

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Question: Where may I make my shopping easely ? Do you have supermarket ?

Answer: According to the municipalities you can have different way to shop.
You have the choice between the small shopkeepers, the minimarket, the supermarket or the hypermarket, and the typical market.



Question: At what time do markets open?

Answer: They are generally opened from 7.30 am till the beginning of the afternoon or all the day in some places.
At Sainte-Anne, one day a week you have a market during the night.