Our business consists of putting apartment owners and potential tenants in touch with one another.

The vacation rental of apartments and or houses in Guadeloupe or in the Caribbean, www.vacation-caribbean-island.com is a specialist website that connects customers looking for www.watchbest.me.uk an apartment to rent in Paris with apartment owners.

www.vacation-caribbean-island.com is not an agency. 

The website http:/www.vacation-caribbean-island.com gives you access to a wide range of up-market, fully furnished and equipped apartments and villas with good standing located in the very best tourist areas of the Guadeloupe and Caraibbean.

Whether you are coming to the Carabbean, the Guadeloupe or on the islands all around, on vacation, on business, for study purposes or for any other reason, you will be staying in the Paris apartment of your dreams, in the area of your choice. You will be able to “live in Gaudeloupe” as if you were at home, soaking up the local lifestyle of the islands.

Stays can be short-, medium- or long-term: from a minimum of three nights up to several weeks or even months....


Nothing could be simpler than making a booking: using the search engine, you can enjoy a virtual tour of all the apartments or villas in Guadeloupe or Carabbean on offer, with detailed descriptions of each. To visit any apartment or villa, click on the photo for more details.

After checking that the apartment or the villa you have chosen is available, fill in the booking form by providing: your full name (last name/first name), e-mail address, personal address, telephone number, type of apartment you are looking for together with any www.abwatches.co.uk other comments you may have.
Then confirm by clicking on ‘Submit’. As soon as your form is received, confirmation will be sent by e-mail from contact@vacation-caribbean-island.com
You will be informed of the total amount of your rental package, everything included.

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Here are the conditions to conclude the reservation :

You have to pay a first deposit.
At the reception of the amount of the deposit the owner will draw up a rental agreement which both parties must sign.

The balance and the deposit in CASH EUROS, will be paid at your arrival at the apartment or the villa.

You must also provide the owner with a copy of the passport or identity papers for each person occupying the apartment rented.



The balance of the amount due must be paid at your choice by :

- Credit card via PAYPAL with 5% of charge for PAYPAL at your charge, or
- bank transfer one week before you arrive (for which you must provide the owner with evidence of your payment), or
- cash EUROS at your arrival.

Should the rent not be paid to the owner, the amount paid by you in settling our fee will be forfeited and your booking cancelled. You will need to confirm that you have read, understood and agree to this clause.
The person making the booking is solely liable for payment of the rent and must comply with the related terms and conditions. He or she will also be accountable for all accompanying persons (see our standard terms and conditions).



The rental cost is calculated in Euros. However, you may pay in US Dollars, and you choose to do so, we will calculate the amount on the basis of current exchange rates.All the charges are at your charge.



The rental price includes:

- A set of clean household linen: sheets, pillows, duvets, pillow cases, bath towels.
- Household appliances, electrical appliances, crockery and cutlery, pots and pans.
- Electricity consumption, water and heating are included in the rental price.

The price does not include:

- Regional Telephone call charges.
- Tenants’ comprehensive householder insurance covering any damage caused by fire, explosion or water leaks as well as any damage caused by the tenant.



The deposit serves to cover any damage caused by the tenants. The amount of the deposit is one month’s rental. The deposit is to be given to the owner on your arrival in the apartment, either in cash or in €uros-denominated travelers’ checks. It may be paid bestreplicauk.co.uk in US Dollars. It will be refunded on the day of departure, in cash if it was paid in cash, less a deduction, if applicable, in respect of any damage that may have been caused by you. All or part of your deposit may be retained by the owner to make good or replace any damaged items.



In the event of cancellation, all payments already made by the customer are treated as down-payments and are not refundable. Cancellation is deemed to have occurred if for any reason whatsoever:

-You do not show up on your planned date of arrival
-You alter the dates of your stay
-You vacate the premises earlier than planned
-You cancel your booking
You are therefore strongly advised to take our cancellation insurance.

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Under no circumstances may the apartment be occupied by more persons greater than the number shown on the booking form (this number also includes children under the age of 2 years). If this condition is not complied with, the owner reserves the right to refuse entry to the premises and to retain the full amount of the payment.



Entry to apartments takes place 7 days a week from 2 p.m. onwards, unless arranged otherwise with the owner.
After 10 p.m., the owner is entitled to request a supplement of 100 €uros. When you arrive at the airport, you are kindly asked to phone the owner to agree the time for gaining entry to the apartment (please give 1 or 2 hours advance warning at the moment when you are out of the plane before waiting for your luggages).

Reception and handover of keys is dealt with by the owner.
For a studio you'll have 1 key and the same for a 1 bedroom ;
For a 2 bedrooms you'll have 2 keys.



The rental period terminates at 11:00 am. , Checking the premises and inventory, return of the deposit and handover of keys will be carried out by the owner when you vacate the premises.


For health and safety reasons, animals are not allowed in the apartments and villas.



The apartments and the villas provided by owners are fully furnished, including sanitary fittings, household nhtg.co.uk appliances, cutlery and crockery, household linen, etc...
The apartment or villa must be returned in clean condition, with cutlery and crockery washed, dried and put away ; used household linen deposited in the bathroom; trash can emptied.

On your arrival, the house will have been cleaned : the apartments and the villas let are clean and the beds made up (pillows, duvets). If you are staying for more than a week, a change of linen will be provided (additional sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, etc.).
You are not allowed to move the furniture around, make holes in the walls or put up any posters. All damage caused by the tenant during his or her stay will be deducted from the deposit.
You are formally prohibited from carrying on a business or commercial activity or any form of trade whatsoever in the apartment you are renting.
You must behave in conformity with French rules on good neighborliness: in particular, keep the sound level down on the television or hi-fi after 10 p.m. and before 8 a.m. In sum, do nothing that will disturb the peace and tranquility of the other occupants in the building.
It is forbidden to hang washing out of the windows to dry.

If these conditions are not complied with, the owner is entitled to terminate your rental agreement.



The owner must rent an useful apartment or villa.
The owner undertakes to let premises that are in a good state of repair.
The owner is not liable for instances of force majeure such as: political events, religious events, terrorism, natural www.watchesidol.co.uk disaster, fire, accidents, war, strikes, government measures and industrial action.
The owner is not liable for breakdown of equipment or machinery over which he has no control, such as the elevators, electrically-operated doors, heating, Internet connection or other.



The telephone line provided is restricted. This means that you can only receive incoming calls. However, you can dial out to obtain the emergency services.
-Police Emergency: 17
- Fire Service: 18
- SAMU [Emergency Medical Assistance]: 15 - Free call

To make outgoing calls you can purchase a prepaid telephone card from La Poste [Post Office], a tabac [tobacconist] or through the Internet.
To use the phone line in the apartment (if the apartment comes with a telephone handset) you need to unlock the line by entering the code shown on the card. The cost of the card varies depending on what country you want to call.



The person designated on the rental agreement is solely responsible for the behavior of all persons accompanying him/her.



The texts, logos and photos of apartments displayed on our site http://www.vacation-caribbean-island.com may not be used by any person whomsoever on penalty of prosecution.



The owner is not liable in the event of loss or theft of any valuable items or cash. It is for this reason that we would ask you to kindly ensure you have the necessary insurance.


By using or accessing our site http://www.vacation-caribbean-island.com, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. You must accept them in full without reservation. We would recommend that you read everything carefully. These are the terms and conditions that apply to all dealings with Caribbean seasonal renting.



We are not owners and do not get involved in the financial transaction between the tenant and the owner of the apartments listed on the Apartments Paris downtown site.
The site enables owners to offer their property (apartments/houses) for letting with a price variation depending on the period (peak and off-peak).
We are not implicated in the actual transaction between customers and owners.

We supply tools such as:

- on-line booking through http://www.vacation-caribbean-island.com
- the process to follow for renting an apartment or a villa.
Owners are solely liable for the accuracy of the description of the property and its facilities and capacity (number of occupants).
Owners are solely liable for foreverwatch.me.uk the quality, security and legality of the properties listed on-line, and the truthfulness and accuracy of all wording and of their capacity as owners to rent out their property.



The service we are offering is limited to private rentals between individuals. All other use of the website is expressly forbidden.



Internet-users who use our site must not do so for the purpose of:

-reproducing listings
-any spin-offs from the site
-data-collection or extraction tools
without our prior written authorization.
You are also forbidden to collect any of the information shown on our website with the aim of creating hyperlinks to other sites.
The reproduction, storage, downloading, re-editing, posting, transmitting or copying of any content or part whatsoever is also forbidden :

-reproducing any part of the site on your own Website.
-modifying, plagiarizing, stealing or translating into any languages not shown on our site.
-using a robot, spider or any other automated process or manual device to control or keep a copy of the database or any part of the site.
-introducing any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time or logic bombs or other programming routines that might harm or interfere with the normal operation of the site.
-using the site to make hoax bookings or fraudulent reservations in the expectation of a request.
-transmitting any defamatory, obscene or pornographic information that might be associated with or amount to a criminal offence.
In conclusion, if you are aware of any activity which you believe is in breach of any of the conditions shown on our site, we would ask you to kindly inform us thereof by sending an e-mail to: contact@vacation-caribbean-island.com
We may change, suspend or remove any aspect of the site at any time, contained in any of the apartments shown thereon. We may also impose limits on certain functions or services as well as access to all or part of the site without prior notice.
You may receive promotional e-mails from the site or associated sites. Your use of the site means that you agree to our conditions and our confidentiality policy.
Every user acknowledges and accepts that we are entitled to store and process the data transmitted on the site at international level.



All household appliances and Internet connections must be in working condition.
In no case can we be held liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from the conditions of use or the transactions on the site, even if we are advised of the possibility of such damage. These limits and exclusions apply insofar as concerns any damage occurring when:
-there is breach of contract.
-liability in tort.
-negligence or any other cause of action.

We cannot be held liable if you are dissatisfied or in disagreement with all or part of the transactions or rental agreement, or for any errors contained in the site or any malfunctions that might arise.
You hereby acknowledge that no transactions from this site are confidential.



We are not liable for the content of any testimonials published on the website by customers or owners. However, we do reserve the right to refuse or authorize the publication on the site of any content or to remove any testimonial that does not meet our requirements or reflect reality.


In the case where a dispute arises between one or more users of this site regarding transactions or content, you hereby agree to hold the site and all members of “CARIBBEAN SEASONAL RENTING” (including the directors, management and employees and all other persons) blameless against all claims, complaints, applications, proceedings, legal costs, costs of hearings and disbursements of any nature, known or unknown, that might ensue from any Internet-user.


Our relationship is that of an independent contracting party and not that of an agency, undertaking, franchisee or franchisor, which terms should not be contained in the terms and conditions of the site.
The site may contain links and pointers to other websites, sources and sponsors as well as links to and from the site to other third party sites, or content thereof, maintained by third parties. The fact of ukwatchestore.co.uk/breitling-replica our not exercising or applying any right or provision (standard terms and conditions) shall not amount to a waiver of such right or provision.


Our bookings system is strictly “on-line”.
It is the owner’s responsibility to keep the calendar updated in respect of the availability of his/her apartment.
Bookings are confirmed de facto by the customer having paid our fee.
All owners will provide documentation specifically including:
-price of rental charge
-rental conditions (percentage of down-payment on booking, payment of balance on entering the premises, amount of the deposit)
-seasonal prices applied: owners have the option of applying variable rates depending on the period (peak or off-peak) and also of promoting special offers which will be shown on the site as “Discounts”, all such pricing plans must be notified to us by e-mail.


-If you are registering as a business you declare that you have the power to make binding commitments on behalf of the legal entity.
-Owners hereby warrant that all information submitted to the site during their period of membership is true and correct. Owners further agree to make all updates and amendments as and when these occur.
-Owners agree to provide the following in regard to the property(ies) presented on the site:
-proof of identity,
-proof of ownership (title deeds),
-a power of attorney enabling them to stand in for the owner.

-We cannot be liable for the quality of the photos or the content of the description of the properties shown on the site.
-We are not bound to preserve or to return any photographs or documents on paper contained in our archives to you.
-We make every effort to reproduce photographs faithfully but are not liable for any defects in this regard.
Once you are listed on the site: www.vacation-caribbean-island.com and you have accepted our standard terms and conditions, you grant us and our subsidiaries, a worldwide, irrevocable, unconditional right in perpetuity, free of any user license to copy, sub-license (by multiple third parties), adapt, distribute, display, perform publicly, reproduce, transmit, modify, copy and operate the photos and all contents that will be shown on the site or associated sites.
All owners hereby waive all rights against us for any supposed or actual breach of any property rights, privacy rights, publicity or moral rights within the framework of any use displayed or provided.
Owners further acknowledge that we are entitled to reproduce all or part of any photographic material for promoting the property or the site.
You have read the terms and conditions and accept them.